Machinery Used

Sr. No. Description Capacity Make Name Year Nos
1. Automatic Coiling Machine 0.15 mm to 0.9 mm Das 1997 1
2. Automatic Coiling Machine 0.15 mm to 0.9 mm Das 2004 1
3. Automatic Coiling Machine 1.00 mm to 2.0 mm Das 2006 1
4. Automatic Coiling Machine 1.00 mm to 3.0 mm German 2002 1
5. Lathe Machine 0.5 Inch Orient 2002 1
6. Drill Machine 0.5 Inch S. K. 1997 2
7. Hand Torsion Machine 1.00 mm to 3.0 mm Assembled 2002 1
8. Slip Gauge     2002 1
1. Micro Meter 0.00 mm to 25.00 mm Mitutoyo 1997 2
2. Vernier Caliper 0.00 mm to 150.00 mm Mitutoyo 1997 3
3. Dial Vernier 0.00 mm to 150.00 mm Airforbes 1997 3
4. Height Gauge 0.00 mm to 300.00 mm Mitutoyo 1997 2
5. Radius Gauge       1
6. Load Testing Machine 10 kg Avery 1997 1
7. Load Testing Machine 500 kg Digital 2006 1
8. Counting Machine 6 kg Contech 2003 1
9. Counting Machine 3 kg Microweigh 2006 1
Heat Treatment
1. Furnance 500 deg. Celsius Thurlek 2002 1

Our Range Of Springs

Industrial Helical Compression Springs
Compression Springs

These springs are the most common types of industrial springs. We are recognized as one of the top compressions spring manufacturer in India for Helical Compression Springs, Conical Compression Springs, Automative Compression Springs, Barrel Compression Springs etc.

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Industrial Tension Springs Exporter
Tension Springs

Tension Springs are used in trampolines, push and pull levers, rocking horses, screen doors, extended force is necessary. Buy best quality metal tension springs manufacturer in India. We assure to serve you best high performing Tension Spring, contact us now.

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Industrial Torsion Springs
Torsion Spring

These are the types of springs that use axial forces. The ends of these springs is connected to other components. These springs are designed to work in clockwise or anticlockwise direction. We are the best torsion springs manufacturers and exporters from India.

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Industrial Wire Form Springs
Wire Form Springs

Wire forms is a shaped wire made from wires into a specified configuration. They can take nearly any form, often featuring springs with custom ends. We are the one stop destination for you, for best quality wire form springs from 0.30 mm - 10.00 mm

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Industrial Disc Springs Exporter
Disc Springs

Disc Spring, also known as a conical spring washer, or cupped spring washer, is a conical shell which is loaded along its axis either statically or dynamically.We are called upon as one of the best Disc Spring Manufacturers & Exporters from India.

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Industrial Conical Springs Exporter
Conical Springs

Conical Extension Springs is made by coiling two or three or four coils gradually smaller in diameter and then forming the hook on the smallest reduced coil. The Conical Extension provided by us are extensively used in machine tools, automotives etc.

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Industrial Helical Springs
Helical Springs

The functions of helical extension springs is to pull back on the object, which is pulled by a force. Helical extension springs is installed and used for several different applications. We are acknowledged as the top most helical springs manufacturer in India.

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Industrial Spiral Springs Exporter in India
Spiral Springs

The Spiral is manufactured using High grade Stainless Steel, PH., Bronze and Copper. The loops of a spiral spring are wrap around each other and are all flat, generating horizontal force when they are compressed. Call us now, for best exports and suppliers rate.

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Industrial Flat Springs Exporter and Supplier
Flat Springs

Flat springs are flat metal strips, when deflected by an load, store and release energy. Flat springs are stamped small metal components that functions on deflection within small or restricted spaces.

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Industrial Arm Springs Exporter in Mumbai
Arm Springs

As reliable Arm Spring Manufacturers, we ensure that only optimum quality materials are used for manufacturing of the Arm to ensure high durability excellent tensile strength and resistance to harsh environments.

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Industrial Extension Springs Exporter in India
Extension Springs

The Conical Extension Springs supplied by us are highly durable and robust. Extension springs have loops, hooks or end coils which are pulled out and formed from each end of the body. Your quest for excellent quality Extension Springs Manufacturer ends here.

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